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Calcata and Bracciano: Discovering Italy’s Hidden Gems


Price starting from: 450€ (per group)
Duration: 8 hours
Ages: All ages
Group size: 1-8 per vehicle
Meeting point: Hotel lobby
Pick up time: 9:00am 

Castle entrance ticket: 10 euro to be paid at the entrance

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Calcata and Bracciano, located just about 45 minutes from Rome, are the gateways to discovering some of Italy’s most enchanting hidden gems.

Calcata and Bracciano: Gateway to Italy’s Enchantment

“Discovering Italy’s Hidden Gems” encourages you to step off the beaten path and fully immerse yourself in the authentic beauty and charm of these lesser-known Italian destinations.

Beyond the Tourist Trail: Unveiling Italy's Cultural Essence and Hidden Stories

Firstly, this unique tour offers much more than a simple journey; it invites you to deeply engage with the essence of Italy’s rich culture and history. Secondly, within these picturesque locations, an array of unique experiences and stories await your exploration.

Discovering Medieval Calcata

Our journey unfolds in Calcata, an enchanting medieval village nestled atop a volcanic cliff. Renowned for its dynamic artistic community and a distinct bohemian ambiance, Calcata offers an escape to a realm that appears frozen in time, untouched by the modern world. 

A Journey Through Time and Beauty

As you meander through its quaint, narrow lanes, take a moment to explore the charming artisanal shops. Along the way, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the Treja Valley. This segment of the tour provides a truly magical escape, where history, culture, and a fairy-tale ambiance intertwine effortlessly.

Unveiling Historic Bracciano

Next, we venture to Bracciano, where history, nature, and tranquility come together beautifully. Overlooking the town is the majestic Castello Orsini-Odescalchi, a testament to medieval architectural excellence. Moreover, this castle transports you to the splendor of the 15th century and treats you to breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Bracciano.

Discovering Local Charms and Crafts

Finally, as you meander through Bracciano’s picturesque streets, seize the chance to savor the local cuisine and uncover unique crafts in the quaint shops.

Calcata and Bracciano: Authentic Italian Experience

Our tour is crafted for those who yearn to see beyond Italy’s common tourist sights, to connect with the authentic spirit of this beautiful country. Engage with the local communities, savor traditional Italian dishes, and uncover the rich layers of history and art that Calcata and Bracciano have to offer.

Calcata and Bracciano: Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

“Calcata and Bracciano: Discovering Italy’s Hidden Gems” is an invitation to an unforgettable journey through Italy’s lesser-known yet mesmerizing landscapes. Join us on this unique adventure, where the untold stories, mesmerizing sights, and captivating sounds of Calcata and Bracciano await to create lasting memories. Reserve your place now and get ready to be enchanted by Italy’s hidden wonders!