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Tour of Naples 3 hrs


Price starting from: 250 € 
Duration: 3 hours
Ages: All ages
Group size: 1-8 
Meeting point: To be determinated
What to bring: There is a moderate amount of walking involved so please wear comfortable shoes.

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Naples is a city known for being the capital of Campania and also the 3rd largest city in Italy. On top of that, this is a beautiful city that has managed to grow over the years. It was founded by Greeks in the first millennium BC, and it has always been inhabited. In fact, Naples was the capital of the dutchy of Naples and also the Kingdom of Naples over the years. Another thing to note is that Naples was always considered to be the capital of the Baroque style. In addition, it has always been a point of reference for opera and classical music. Now with this 3 hour walking tour of Naples you get to see some of the most incredible sights.

Tour of Naples: Piazza del Gesu

We start at the Piazza del Gesu from the Obelisk, and we will visit the baroque church of the Gesuiti. This is an amazing building with an extraordinary style. It’s style is incredible and you do get to be close to the piazza, but also have the opportunity to visit other places in the historic center of the city. The church is dated to the 1470s and it was originally a palace. However, over the years it was transformed into a church.

The Santa Chiara Neogothic church

From that place we will go to the Santa Chiara Neogothic church. This is a church that maintains the unique neogothic style and it will impress you with the stunning visuals. At the same time, it’s also a large, beautifully created church where you can take a lot of exceptional photos.

Walking through the famous Decumano Maior

From the Church we will go to the Decumano Maior or the Spaccanapoli. This is a straight, narrow main street which helps you traverse the historic center of the city. It’s a very long road, and if you see it from above, you will see that it pretty much splits the city in Two. It’s an incredible place to visit here since you have all kinds of shops and places to check out all around. That’s what makes it such a unique and engaging experience.

Piazza San Domenico

After browsing the Spaccanapoli street, we will arrive at the piazza San Domenico and this is where you get to enjoy some of the great local foods. You have the opportunity to enjoy coffee and all kinds of foods, including the famous Napolitan cake.

Visiting the duomo of Saint Gennaro

The Saint Gennaro duomo also known as the Naples cathedral is an exceptional, incredible sight to behold. You get here via the street of the creche, and we will be there to assist you every step of the way. This is one of the top things to see in Naples, and that’s why it can be a great idea to check it out for yourself. There are a whole lot of amazing things to see here, including the downright impressive architectural design and stunning interiors. It really is one of the most amazing creations in the region.

Conclusion of the Tour of Naples: 

As you can see, in just 3 hours we get to take you through Naples and visit some of the most interesting and historically significant locations. Our tour is great for private groups and you finally get to explore Naples the way you wanted, with a dedicated guide that will assist you and answer all the questions you may have. It’s an exceptional tour designed to give you the ins and outs when it comes to exploring Naples in all of its glory. That makes it incredibly interesting, so don’t hesitate and book your tour today!