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The heart of Rome – Trastevere Tour and Aperitive


Price: 250€ (per group)
Duration: 3 hours
Ages: All ages
Group size: 1-8
What to bring: There is a moderate amount of walking involved so please wear comfortable shoes.
Aperitive Is included in the price!

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If you’re looking to explore the heart of Rome in a creative way, then this incredible walking tour is for you. The Trastevere Walking Tour is widely regarded as one of the coolest ways to explore some of the major signs within the middle of Rome. And yes, you even get to eat some traditional, Italian food on top of it all. That’s what truly makes it one of those iconic tours that you will enjoy and appreciate more than you might expect. 

What can you see during the Trastevere Walking Tour?

Trastevere is actually one of the most popular neighborhoods in Rome. And as many people say, this is the place where Romans live their life to their fullest. At its core, Trastevere is a lot of fun  because it has anything you would expect. It is not even far from Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel. During the Trastevere Walking Tour you can see a medieval district, cafes, trattorias, but also old churches and so on.

It’s the history of Trastevere that makes it so iconic, and you also have the opportunity to see some great landmarks. The heart of this location is Piazza di Santa Maria. On top of that, you can see the Basilica di Santa Maria which was built during the 12th century. The tour itself is not overly long, it just lasts for around 3 hours, and you also get to bask into the beauty of the city. Plus, you have many stunning views and even get an aperitive too, which is really fun.

An incredible, engaging tour

The Trastevere Walking Tour will take you near a variety of great sights. It’s a nice tour because you get to enjoy some of the best sights in Rome, and this place does look amazing. Then you add to that the excitement of going through Roman history, and you can see why the Trastevere Walking Tour is an iconic way to explore this city. You are bound to have an incredible time within the heart of Rome, and we are here to guide you through the most iconic and impressive locations!

Enjoy a great aperitive

Another thing to note about the Trastevere Walking Tour is that it also comes with an aperitive. We believe that it’s very important to check out the numerous great meals you can find in Rome. That’s why we want to showcase some great things to try out and you are bound to enjoy them. These aperitives are authentic and original to Rome, which is exciting.

The Trastevere Walking Tour is one of those great private tours that you will have a lot of fun with. Exploring the heart of Rome never gets old, because there’s so much stuff to see and things to explore. If you  have a passion for Rome, seeing all the amazing sights or learning more about its history, then the Trastevere Walking Tour is a great option. Plus, it gives you a unique way to explore Rome’s core region, with lots of surprising things to discover and enjoy along the way!