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Palatine Hill Guided Tour: Explore the Birthplace of Rome

If you love history and wish to explore the origins of ancient Rome, you must do a guided tour of Palatine Hill. Palatine Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome and the legendary birthplace of the city, is situated in the heart of Rome. The hill boasts some of the most significant archaeological sites in Rome, such as the Flavian Palace and the House of Augustus. Our guided tour will take you on a journey through time as we explore the ruins and teach you about the history and culture of ancient Rome.

Tour Overview

The Palatine Hill, Ancient Rome and Colosseum walking tour is a 3-hour guided tour that takes you through the ancient ruins of Rome’s Palatine Hill. Our expert guide will accompany you during the tour and take you on a journey through the historical and cultural heritage of the hill. You’ll walk through the ancient streets, witness the ruins of the imperial palaces, and gain knowledge about the life of emperors and nobles who once resided here. The tour commences at the entrance of the archaeological site, where you will meet your guide before entering.

The History of Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill has a rich history and mythology associated with it. According to legends, it is believed that the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were raised by a she-wolf in a cave located here. Subsequently, Palatine Hill became the residence of the emperors, who constructed their palaces here. The hill became a symbol of power and wealth, and some of the most remarkable buildings of ancient Rome were built here.

The Flavian Palace

The Emperor Domitian built the Flavian Palace on Palatine Hill in AD 92. The palace included grand public halls, reception rooms, and private apartments, along with an extensive system of baths, gardens, and fountains. Visitors can walk through the ruins of the palace to get a glimpse of the opulent lifestyle of the emperors who once lived there.

The House of Augustus

The House of Augustus was the private residence of Emperor Augustus and has been restored and opened to the public. Visitors can admire the elegant rooms and beautiful decorations that were once part of the imperial palace, along with the serene garden that offers a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The Stadium of Domitian

The Stadium of Domitian, built by Emperor Domitian in the first century AD, was used for athletic competitions and gladiator fights. With a seating capacity of up to 10,000 spectators, it was one of the largest stadiums in ancient Rome. Visitors can still see the original seating, the starting line for the races, and the remains of the track during the Palatine Hill tour.
Palatine Hill Guided Tour Explore the Birthplace of Rome

The Farnese Gardens

The Farnese Gardens, also known as the Orti Farnesiani, are located on the northern side of Palatine Hill. The gardens were once part of the Farnese Palace and are now a public park. The gardens offer stunning views of the city and are an excellent place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Temple of Cybele

The Temple of Cybele is another must-see site on Palatine Hill. It was built in the second century BC and was dedicated to the Phrygian goddess Cybele. The temple was one of the most important religious sites in ancient Rome and was renowned for its lavish ceremonies and spectacular architecture. Visitors can still see the remains of the temple, including the altar and the sacred spring.


A guided tour of Palatine Hill is an unforgettable experience that takes you back in time to the birthplace of Rome. With its rich history, ancient ruins, and stunning views of the city, Palatine Hill is a must-visit destination for any history enthusiast. Whether you’re interested in the lives of emperors, ancient mythology, or the cultural heritage of Rome, this tour has something for everyone. Join us on this journey through time and discover the wonders of Palatine Hill.